Analytics Workbench

Leverage The Built-In, Open Source and Flexible Analytical Toolkit to accelerate data discovery

Analytic technologies and data formats are evolving at a phenomenal pace, which can make keeping up to date or becoming skilled in their use particularly challenging.

Combining some of the world’s most powerful open standard and open source technologies with years of data science expertise, Aridhia’s cloud-based analytic workspaces give you access to flexible, scalable and ever-expanding suite of revolutionary tools as and when you need them; you don’t need to buy licenses and will never fall victim to vendor lock-in.

Transform data into insights with SQL, Madlib and R

Utilising a range of in-built open standard and open source technologies, including R, Shiny by RStudio, SQL and MADlib, AnalytiXagility delivers access to unique real-time, high-capacity processing power to analyse large-scale clinical and genomic datasets, and validate the impact of data science insights on patient care.

You can also choose to extend your workspace to include a ‘bring your own tools’ facility using our virtual desktop capability.


AnalytiXagility also provides an embedded interactive R console that supports script import, editing, syntax highlighting and console-based execution. It is pre-configured with a wide array of packages that can be extended to meet your needs. Our approach to using R advocates the dynamic document for reproducible research and automatic reporting and publication.


Mini-apps are one of the most powerful tools in our analytic environment. You don’t need to be an HTML, CSS or JavaScript expert – mini-apps take the hard work out of visualising data for you, time and time again.

Based on Shiny by RStudio, mini-apps bring rapid prototyping capability to our workspaces, allowing your team to quickly and easily visualise data, interact with data early in the development lifecycle, and accelerate the development and deployment of analytically driven applications.

These visualisations enable anyone to understand much more about the underlying data than numbers alone can show, offering a safe environment in which to demonstrate if innovations will be beneficial, what the outcomes of research concepts might be, and discover what really works – all before the time, expense and risk of real-world implementation.

What Analytic Tasks Can AnalytiXagility Perform?

  • Analysis & Model Building
  • Cohort Selection
  • Data Anonymisation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Collection
  • Data Consolidating
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Integration
  • Data Linking
  • Data Mining
  • Disease Registry
  • Dataset Definition
  • Dataset Extending
  • Dataset Release & Access
  • Data Sharing
  • Genomic Annotation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Management Reporting
  • Targeted App Development
  • Visualising
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