Compute and Data Fabric

Expedite Data Innovation with Best of Breed Compute Technologies as standard

AnalytiXagility brings you the world’s best open source community and collaboration tools in a single, secure platform to help you deliver data-driven projects without the usual IT hassles and limitations, and increasing your ability to focus on the project at hand.

Easy Data Import & Ingest

AnalytiXagility is mature in its ability to handle the import and processing of large amounts of complex data from multiple sources into a secure, multi-tenanted environment that is optimised for analytics.

Data import is performed via a secure and reliable file transfer mechanism that utilises the industry standard, SFTP (with AES-256 cypher enforcement) for tabular data files and other files. We also offer an range of data ingest options, including an HL7 interface for automated import of healthcare messages, active database agents for direct database connections, DICOM endpoints and bespoke file transfer.

Scalable Compute: start small and scale up as required

To maximise value, AnalytiXagility’s functionality is covered by a monthly subscription fee that you can change according to your needs; simply pay for what you need, and provision new capacity (processor, memory, disk) when its required. Find out how to buy AnalytiXagility.


Workspaces can can accommodate small scale projects from 5GB, to a size where they can support the scale and complexity of genomic and sensor data. Workspaces come with integrated access to an R web console, scalable from a single core with 1GB, to 8 cores and 12GB working memory for R analytics. For in-database analytics, all workspaces have access to 192GB working memory and 96 cores. If you have a specific requirement, get in touch and we’ll configure a workspace for you.


AnalytiXagility is built on the massively parallel processing Greenplum Database from Pivotal. Each workspace has its own associated federated area within the database in which imported datasets will be stored in their equivalent database table representation. Datasets maintained in Pivotal Greenplum are accessible by workspace users directly through writing SQL scripts, and via the R web console.


Hadoop is an ecosystem of open source, big data processing technologies. For unstructured or non-relational data, such as text, images or raw genomic sequencing files, AnalytiXagility supports standard Hadoop MapReduce, a framework for reliable and performant execution of long running, large-scale data processing and Hadoop Pig, a scripting language for data processing workloads, and HDFS.

You can obtain Hadoop as an add-on service to the base AnalytiXagility platform subscription with additional support available in creating and running specific Hadoop-based analytics jobs.

Get more detail by downloading the AnalytiXagility Datasheet

  • Clinical EPR
  • Lab
  • Imaging
  • Sequence
  • Longitudinal
  • Social
  • Sensor
  • Service KPI
  • Time Series
  • Open Data
  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Community Care
  • Signal
  • Meta
  • Research
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