Precision Medicine

Accelerating collaborative precision medicine projects in an environment tailored for complex genomic research

Since 2014 Aridhia has been at the forefront of the precision medicine revolution through the Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre (SMS-IC), Scotland’s national hub for precision medicine, which is underpinned by AnalytiXagility and specifically built to accelerate collaborative genomic research.

SMS-IC offers end-to-end data management and analytics capability to support the secure handling and management of NHS patient data, associated information governance and audit, and the required analysis of large-scale, complex datasets to support genomic and clinical research.

Tailored Genomics Services, Skills & Expertise

AnalytiXagility at SMS-IC industrialises the ability to link and collaboratively analyse sequence and other data sources to support precision medicine programmes, and provides enhanced access to the skills and experience more usually found within universities and the NHS.

AnalytiXagility Project Edition subscriptions give research collaborations and precision medicine programmes rapid access to this highly advanced, collaborative, and tightly controlled analytic environment, eliminating the need to invest in computing infrastructure.

“AnalytiXagility is the means by which our project bioinformaticians access, in a controlled and managed way, patient phenotype data and genotype datasets; it supports the correlation of genetic sequence with prediction of response to therapy.” Dr Mark Beggs, CEO, SMS-IC

Core services include:

  • Precision Medicine Workspaces with a secure extensible genomic repository for clinical cohorts and comprehensive information governance and audit.
  • Bespoke next-gen sequencing, configuration and management.
  • Access to genomic expertise via extensive, international partner network.

The facility can also provide additional add-on services for NHS data collection, integration, data de-identification and data curation if required.

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