Deborah joined Aridhia in 2013 with an MSci (Hons) in Mathematics and Statistics & Operational Research from Queen’s University, Belfast. She completed her final year dissertation on Perfect Simulation using Markov Chains. This a technique which is particularly useful in the area of Bayesian Inference, where the aim is to use the posterior distribution of parameters given the data to make inferences about those parameters which are of interest to the study. Perfect simulation can be used to simulate from this posterior distribution, enabling approximations to be made to the posterior mean, mode or median. Deborah has a particular interest in Survival Analysis and Data Mining, and extensive experience in data analysis using SAS, coding of algorithms using R and production of reports using LaTeX. Since joining Aridhia, she has further developed her skills in using SQL and in data analysis using R, and has been involved in projects including the analysis of genomics data and data profiling.

Analytics Essentials: Improving Your Data Quality ➜ – Type: Blog post
September 8, 2015

Profiling your Data
Why is data quality important?
Before starting to do any analysis it is really important to ensure that your data is in good condition …

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