Chief Technology Officer

One of Aridhia’s first employees, Rodrigo joined the company in 2007. He is an R&D software engineer with a mathematical background and expertise in developing analytical and data management applications in healthcare, life science and knowledge management start-ups.

Rodrigo has been instrumental in designing Aridhia’s innovative approach to digital research, leading the development of AnalytiXagility, and fostering new approaches to research data management and analysis.

Today he is responsible for driving the technical and product strategy for AnalytiXagility and leads on Aridhia’s approach to precision medicine.

Introducing the preview of Workspaces on Azure ➜ – Type: Blog post
March 5, 2019

We’re excited to bring on our first customers to the preview release of our Workspace service on Azure. In the last few months we announced …

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Aridhia partner with Microsoft Azure ➜ – Type: Blog post
December 4, 2018

AnalytiXagility collaborative research services extend to new users and new territories with enhanced features
At Aridhia, we see our job as providing the best online service …

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Is Federated Analysis the Way Forward for Genomics? ➜ – Type: Blog post
August 26, 2015

Last month, four of the world’s leading researchers from within the genomics community published a paper which suggested that “…between 100 million and as many …

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Blockchain and Digital Health – First impressions ➜ – Type: Blog post
August 25, 2015

Among the many great Edinburgh festivals, the Turing Festival is the most important to the tech start-up scene locally and beyond. This weekend, I attended …

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Genomics and the NHS Clinic ➜ – Type: Blog post
July 1, 2014

In 2012, the Human Genomics Strategy Group had already highlighted the need to develop a workforce skilled in genomics in the NHS, the changing R&D …

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