Aridhia, NHS and academic collaboration sees data modelling inform real-time traumatic brain injury monitoring

A pilot programme involving the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the University of Glasgow IDEAS collaboration used Aridhia’s data modelling and analytics expertise to investigate real-time data in patients with traumatic brain injuries.

Working with anonymised data from patients in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at the Institute of Neurological Sciences, Glasgow, the collaboration aimed to improve the down sampling of high frequency patient data which will allow, in the future, additional clinical algorithms to be applied which will inform clinical decision making and ultimately improve clinical practice.

The pilot saw Aridhia’s data science team using the high computing power of the AnalytiXagility data science platform to collaboratively re-engineer an existing algorithm, efficiently down sample the data, and ultimately shorten the time taken to process the original data sample from 16 hours to 48 minutes.

Having proved the efficacy of his initial stage, funding for a further two years was awarded by Innovate UK in late 2014. This expanded project, named CHART-ADAPT, will build on the pilot to deliver a platform capable of implementing algorithms in clinical practice and an app which will be used at the bedside to allow clinicians to control and run algorithms; the output of which will help to inform the best course of care for patients.

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