AnalytiXagility underpins University of Manchester open health and social care ‘data dive’

Manchester’s informatics community came together for one day to collaborate and explore insights that could be extracted from the region’s extensive open data resources.

Big data’s potential is huge, but so are its challenges. Manchester Informatics, the University of Manchester’s strategic response to the challenges and opportunities presented by healthcare data, recognised this, and seeks to build on the University’s internationally recognised strengths in big data research, addressing common challenges and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration across all forms of big data research.

Community events are a significant part of the strategy to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and addressing how informatics can contribute to solving healthcare problems. In early June 2014 the call went out to data scientists, coders, developers and enthusiasts to join the University and Aridhia at a ‘data dive’ – a day of intensive collaboration to extract useful information from the city’s wealth of open data.

“Through participants’ expertise and commitment to collaboration the true potential of open data was really demonstrated, and it was inspiring to see the data transformed into more than simply the sum of its parts…we can’t thank Aridhia enough for all their hard work helping to source, prepare and host the data.”

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