AnalytiXagility enables London-wide analysis at pioneering NHS data exploration day

“We are extremely grateful to… Aridhia for making this possible; for the first time, a wide range of people here – academics, researchers, universities and CCGs – have got access to full, live datasets from primary and secondary care data, and I think that is astonishing.” John Robson, GP & Cardio Lead for Tower Hamlets PCT

WELC has responsibility for a population of almost one million people in an area facing significant health and social challenges. The WELC care collaborative consists of CCGs, Councils, UCL Partners and NHS trusts that include the main acute provider Barts Health, within three boroughs – Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. The collaboration is investing in joining up services across health and social care with a key aim of undertaking effective analysis of data to identify improvement opportunities.

Between them, WELC collaborative partners have vast amounts of healthcare data, covering a third of London. To utilise it in away that supports patients’ healthcare and treatment, it was essential that NHS participants from the three WELC boroughs, along with UCL Partners, London Health Commission and the Farr Institute, could collaborate with data scientists, researchers and analysts, first, to anonymise patient data,then to pull together and interrogate the information. Information governance had to be of the upmost priority, yet it was essential to demonstrate that data could be linked and analysed in a way that is meaningful and informative.

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