Powering visual data discovery to transform healthcare with RStudio

Powering Visual Data Discovery to Transform Healthcare with RStudio

The translation of clinical research into clinical practice remains a major challenge to healthcare providers across the world. All too often the translation of healthcare applications into clinical practice fails due to a breakdown in process or communication between the data scientists that build analytical models, and the clinicians that produce them.

AnalytiXagility brings together some of the data science’s most powerful tools to ensure that everyone is able to easily interact with their data – and each other – without the need to understand advanced analytics, and in July 2015 Aridhia announced a partnership with RStudio which saw the integration of Shiny into the platform to bring vital data to life.

Use the form to download the RStudio Spotlight interview with Aridhia CTO Rodrigo Barnes that explains why data visualisation is so important in healthcare.

You can also see an example of AnalytiXagility and Shiny in action in the CGC Pancreatic Cancer Genome Viewer and read more about how it was created in Harry’s Beauty in simplicity – visualising large-scale genomic data blog post.


Aridhia’s Chief Technology Officer, Rodrigo Barnes explains, “Healthcare innovation requires the collaborative efforts of multiple people with different skills and requirements, for example clinicians, researchers and analysts. The problem is that they face numerous barriers in terms of technology, skills, data comprehension and geography. Each team does their work in a silo, even though they are working towards the same goal. That’s a real problem because it stifles change, and that is what Aridhia is trying to address.

“We wanted to ensure that every member of a multidisciplinary team – no matter what their skillset – could easily interact with and understand their data.

“To do this, we embedded RStudio’s Shiny reactive data visualisation technology into AnalytiXagility in order to bring data to life. Not only does this give context to huge amounts of complex data, but it really helps teams to leverage their diversity to enhance productivity and gain a competitive advantage.”

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