AnalytiXagility delivers global education platform for University of Edinburgh medical informatics course

In 2016, Health Informatics Researcher & Academic Project Lead at the University of Edinburgh Areti Manataki selected AnalytiXagility to deliver coursework for an online medical informatics course.

As the course was using sensitive data, the University had to ensure that their students – who were located around the world – could safely and securely access everything they needed.

“I would definitely recommend AnalytiXagility to both students and teachers in a university…the AnalytiXagility platform allows distributed teams to work together, which I think is brilliant.” Areti Manataki

Watch to find out why the University selected AnalytiXagility to deliver a pioneering online course where information governance and communication features were of particular importance, and how the platform answers the challenges of teaching a fully online course.

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