Using AnalytiXagility to deliver university data science curriculum

AnalytiXagility workspaces provide the ideal environment to deliver course material and classes. The cloud-based platform offers easy, anywhere access to enable distance learning and facilitate collaborative working by delivering access to code, data and exercises in a controlled and governed environment.

“It’s all about collaboration, innovation and creating new ideas… it works intuitively with teams and workspaces.” Hisham Arafat, Lead Data Analyst and Data Science Lecturer, EMC

The ability to have pre-loaded data in students’ own workspaces, with access to the latest R and SQL interfaces in one environment, delivers efficiency for teachers, provides full visibility through the comprehensive audit tracking feature and enhances the learning experience for students.

Watch to find out how Dell EMC used AnalytiXagility to deliver a pioneering course to experts from a number of leading universities and healthcare organisations.

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