London Cancer takes a ‘data lake’ approach to tracking patients and data flow across its renal cancer pathway

Delivering the right data, at the right time, to the multidisciplinary renal cancer team in North London’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) requires meaningful collaboration, a deep understanding of the cancer pathway and the ability to leverage modern data application development and data processing techniques.

In October 2013, London Cancer – a partnership of NHS, academic, charity and cancer specialists serving the north east and central London and west Essex serving a population of approximately 3.2 million – produced the report entitled ‘A case for change in specialist cancer services’. The report found that the configuration of specialist cancer services into multiple small centres made it impossible for clinical teams to effectively treat patients and called for cancer services to be reconfigured into a small number of specialist centres which bring multidisciplinary experts together in high-volume teams.

One such specialist centre to arise from these recommendations is the renal cancer North London Centre of Excellence (CoE), led by Mr John Hines, the London Cancer Pathway Director for urological cancer. The CoE was chosen as the pilot service to implement a new approach to managing data flow across multiple organisations.

In order enable its multidisciplinary renal cancer team to deliver improved patient care, the CoE formed a collaborative engagement between London Cancer, University College London Hospital (UCLH), University College London Partners (UCLP), the Royal Free Hospital and Aridhia, to develop and deliver a data solution that would underpin implementation of their integrated 62 day renal cancer pathway as part of their service re-design programme.

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