Wealth Creation and Academic Health Science Networks

In 2013, with pressure increasing on the health service to improve treatment and deliver value for money, NHS England created fifteen new Academic Health Science Networks which will focus on innovation to boost outcomes and contribute to economic growth. These organisations bring together education, clinical research, informatics, training and healthcare delivery, and all have wealth creation central to their remit.

This paper, co-authored by Aridhia, EMC and Pivotal, recognises the challenges facing AHSNs in their remit as platforms on which the NHS, academia and industry can collaborate to identify innovations and rapidly develop solutions to healthcare problems, as well as being tasked with transforming themselves into wealth creation bodies capable of driving economic growth.

Download the paper now to read why the authors believe that AHSNs should focus on building an open business model that addresses the long-term healthcare market in order to drive the wealth creation agenda.

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