AnalytiXagility Ecosystem Edition.
Extending and integrating AnalytiXagility workspaces across your organisation’s entire innovation environment.

Promote a Unified and Integrated Workflow Across all research projects within your institution or organisation

Deliver AnalytiXagility workspaces at Scale

Roll out our Project Edition workspaces across your entire organisation, delivering a digital research environment that ensures maximum resource usage while simplifying workflow and enhancing user experience across each and every project.

Integrate Innovation Into Your Environment

Change the way your researchers collaborate across organisational boundaries with integration of data collection and ETL tools, data catalogue services, consolidated research audit and billing functionality, as well as early access to AnalytiXagility roadmap features.

Transform the way your researchers collaborate

Reinvent the way your institution manages research projects with a secure digital research and innovation environment which gives your teams seamless, web-based access to the analytic tools they need, simplifying collaboration and accelerating analysis across domain and organisational boundaries.

Enhance user experience with seamless integration

Introduce your teams to a researcher interface which ensures, through an enhanced user experience, controlled access to data and analytic, data management and collaboration tools, integrated with select local systems where required, to deliver a common workflow across every project in your shared digital research environment.

Powerful multi-project auditing

Enable full audit functionality and traceability for data usage, reproducibility, and research management, promoting transparency across your entire institution throughout the lifecycle of research and analysis. Read more about our built-in audit and IG functionality.

Consolidated data management

Manage the data-driven projects in your digital research environment with increased transparency and accountability to facilitate data reporting and maximise the impact of your outputs through improved knowledge exchange, dissemination and commercialisation.

Customise your built-in toolkit

Give your team quick, easy access to the built-in, flexible and ever-expanding suite of technologies and analytic tools – including R, SQL, MADlib, Shiny by RStudio, point and click and LaTeX – as standard, and add your own tools with our virtual desktop functionality.

Flexible, consumption-based pricing

Pay for what you need, when you need it, moving away from inflexible and expensive licensing models to one that mirrors your institution’s ever-changing research requirements. Learn more about how to buy AnalytiXagility.

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