AnalytiXagility Project Edition.
Private analytic workspaces provisioned and tailored to your requirements.

Simple monthly subscriptions from short-term, single user to multi-year, multi-user environments


Collaborate, share, integrate and interrogate multiple data types at scale in a secure, web workspace that comes pre-configured with industry-leading open source analytical technologies, collaboration and rapid prototyping tools, and deep domain-specific APIs.


Innovate with confidence in an advanced analytics environment built for multi-organisational, multi-jurisdictional collaborations, complete with audit functionality and traceability for data usage, reproducibility, research management and IG purposes.

On-demand Customisation and flexibility

Get up and running quickly with a web workspace that’s scalable for projects from small to large, provisioned on-demand and pre-configured to your requirements. Use our built-in suite of tools and technologies, add virtualisation to use the tools you know and love, or tailor your environment with Workspace+ data services.

Serious security and audit

Keep data and project assets secure with multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, comprehensive audit, and programmable analytics to ensure safe data sharing, information governance compliance, and reproducibility of research.

Powerful analytic tools as standard

Access the built-in, flexible and ever-expanding suite of revolutionary scalable compute technologies and analytical tools and rapid prototyping technologies – including R, R Shiny, SQL, MADlib, LaTeX and point and click – as and when you need, without buying licences or investing in infrastructure.

Rapid, streamlined innovation

Make your research data accessible, intelligible and reproducible by managing analysis in a centralised, collaborative environment for rapid, highly configurable and risk-free data exploration and prototyping.

Combine your favourite tools with ours

Keeping using the tools you love with our virtual desktop functionality. Share the same files and data between the web workspace and virtual desktop, maintaining the platform’s collaborative and audit functionality while allowing your team to use their favourite tools.

Simple pricing, continuous upgrades, no lock-in

Our subscription-based services allow you to focus on the research, not the technology – just sign up for a monthly subscription, at the level that suits your needs, and off you go. Only our Workspace+ services and virtual desktop functionality incur a small additional fee.

Our clients tend to choose one of the subscriptions below, but we’re happy to tailor a package to your specific needs. You can even change it as and when required. Get in touch for an accurate cost for your project.

Small Medium Large
Analytic database storage 5GB 100GB 500GB
Working memory for R analytics Up to 1GB Up to 4GB Up to 12GB
Number of cores for R analytics Up to 1 Up to 4 Up to 8
Number of workspaces 1 5 20
Number of users 3 10 20

The minimum subscription period is two months. All subscriptions will be invoiced monthly in advance and a one month notice period will apply.

Interested? Email to start the conversation about your project