One Data Platform.
Two Ways to Engage.
Infinite Possibilities for Innovation.

Advanced data analysis across the full research lifecycle

  • Combine data from multiple sources into secure, auditable workspaces for any size of project
  • Share analysis and results using built-in analytical and collaboration tools, data services and APIs
  • Access and interact with your research assets via the web or virtual desktop interfaces
  • Improve cross-organisational and multi-institutional analysis, traceability and reproducibility
  • Inform data-driven decision-making at every level to improve clinical practice and patient care

Research faster, together, better

No matter how big or small your project, the data types you need to work with, or the organisations you need to bring together, there’s an AnalytiXagility edition that’s right for you.

The Project Edition is perfect for standalone research projects, while the Ecosystem Edition forms the basis for an organisation’s entire digital research environment. Both offer access to core analytic workspaces and a range of supporting Workspace+ services.

“The Aridhia research and innovation platform will transform the way in which we manage our research projects, providing a rich source of data that will underpin pioneering research of national and international significance.”

Great Ormond Street NHS Foundation Trust is just one of the ground-breaking research organisations we work with.

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Increase end to end collaboration & reproducibility

AnalytiXagility’s platform accelerates collaboration and analytics, bringing data and people together to help you make sense of privileged data, quickly.

Available on a subscription basis, AnalytiXagility is unique in its ability to enable multi-organisational, multi-jurisdictional collaborations to cost-effectively analyse data whilst adhering to strict information governance requirements.

At the core of the AnalytiXagility platform lie our collaborative analytic workspaces – private data analytics environments protected by role-based access control which allow data sharing for distributed teams to facilitate collaborative, secure, auditable and reproducible research.

Bring your people and data together in our secure workspaces, and we’ll help you accelerate the research lifecycle, from start to finish.

The digital research environment that’s collaborative, secure, scalable and driving innovation