De-identification Service

Simple, Safe, Secure De-identification: provide clear evidence of data handling best practice with a comprehensive audit trail to meet information governance and audit compliance

Our De-identification Service enables the safe sharing and analysis of clinical data in line with the highest standards of information governance. Built to allow data to be safely linked while minimising risk, it allows data controllers, custodians, and owners to quickly and easily anonymise healthcare datasets for secondary use within their own secure environment.

For use by healthcare, research, and corporate organisations, this service enables the safe handling of sensitive data across any data-driven project, from multiple sites.

Role-based access ensures compliance with local security policies, with full control and responsibility given to a single data owner. This allows for complete customisation of de-identification and ensures that re-identification only happens when required and permitted.

Simple to install and run via a straightforward graphical user or command-line interface, the service provides safe, secure anonymisation utilising a LDAP authentication module to allow integration with an existing security system.

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The De-identification Service can be used on the same underlying data by multiple projects in parallel. By default users can’t cross-reference records between projects.

Within a project, data can be de-identified at source even when there are multiple, distributed sites submitting data. For example a European research group creating a combined cohort, or multiple NHS trusts in a region with a shared population submitting data on different aspects of care. This is done through minimal sharing of data with a trusted third party and the use of shared anonymisation profiles.

The De-identification Service had been designed to be embedded in different styles of data processing workflows that suit local sites’ existing investments.


  • Simple command-line interface
  • Role-based access
  • Comprehensive audit logging
  • High-or low-volume CSV and XML file processing
  • 14 core anonymisation plug-ins with options to create your own
  • Fully configurable to specific project requirements


  • Significantly reduces the risk of security breaches
  • Tracks all activity to supports information governance and audit compliance
  • Ensures full visibility of data ownership and responsibility
  • Consistently de-identifies values produced within a single project
  • Delivers consistent outcome and error codes across all operations
  • Supports re-identification back to original identifier(s)
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