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AnalytiXagility is designed to be as simple to use as possible. From logging in to working with your data, it takes just minutes to get up and running.

The videos below show you how to get started in your AnalytiXagility workspace, but if you have specific queries you can get in touch with the enablement team for a rapid response. We’re always adding new content too, so bookmark this page to make sure that you don’t miss out on new and helpful content!

AnalytiXagility Account Basics

Manage your account, learn about role-based access control, and discover which features you have access to.

AnalytiXagility and Role-Based Access Control

Explore AnalytiXagility's multiple levels of access controlled roles

The Observer Role

Find out which AnalytiXagility features the Observer role has access to

The Standard User Role

Discover the activities that Standard users can undertake in AnalytiXagility

The Administrator Role

Find out which additional functionality Administrators have access to

The Contributor Role

Understand the Contributor role and its limited access to AnalytiXagility

How to Edit Your Account Profile

Learn how to manage your AnalytiXagility account, change your profile picture, and more.

Using AnalytiXagility Workspaces

Familiarise yourself with your workspace, invite your team, and manage data and files.

Understanding Your AnalytiXagility Workspace

Get to know your workspace, its features and functionality

How to Invite Your Team to a Workspace

Find out how to bring your research team together, quickly and easily

Navigating the Datasets tab

Learn how to find, view, edit and manage your datasets

Navigating the Files tab

Learn how to find, view, edit and manage your scripts and document files

How to Create a New Folder

Store and organise your files and documents by creating folders