User Guide

What do I need to know?


Your access to AnalytiXagility

User access to features and data in a workspace is managed through a permissions model with multiple levels of access controlled roles. This means that depending on the type of account you have been assigned, you can only perform certain types of tasks, or have access to certain features. This places the responsibility of who accesses the data, and how, into the control of an authorised individual – in this case, the workspace administrator.

You can read more about AnalytiXagility’s role-based access control here.


What can I do in AnalytiXagility?

Throughout our user guides you will see the following symbols at the top of each section:

The icons shown signify which sections relate to which user roles.

The table below shows which sections of these user guides relate to which user roles.

Section Sub-Section Contributor Observer User Administrator
USER PROFILES Signing in and out
Forgotten your password?
Viewing and modifying your profile
Changing your password
WORKING WITH WORKSPACES What is a workspace?
Getting access to a workspace
Web-interface workspace functionality
ROLE-BASED ACCESS CONTROL About role-based access
Access roles
Managing workspace memberships and privileges
LOADING DATA INTO A WORKSPACE Uploading data using the web interface
Uploading data using SFTP
Preparing CSV files for uploading with SFTP
Data transformation during upload processes
WORKING WITH DATA Accessing datasets
Opening a database table
Rapid visualisation
Create custom views
Joining tables
WORKING WITH FILES To upload files using SFTP
To upload file-based data
Creating a new file
Deleting files
Downloading a file to your computer
Opening, editing, and saving files
Working with SQL files
Working with R
Working with LaTeX markdown files .rnw
WORKING WITH MINI-APPS Working with mini-apps in your workspace
Creating and previewing a mini-app
Structure of a mini-app
Creating mini-app from a template
Publishing a mini-app
Running a mini-app
Unpublishing and deleting a mini-app
Customising a mini-app
Developing mini-app offline and uploading to the workspace
ENABLING COLLABORATION The difference between notes and insights
Adding notes and insights
Notifying other users of your notes and insights
Viewing notes and insights from others
Adding tags
Viewing tags
Removing tags
AIRLOCK – MANAGED DATA EXPORT AND SHARING Submitting a download request
Downloading approved files
Authorising and rejecting download requests
Rejecting download requests
WORKSPACE SNAPSHOT Creating a workspace snapshot
Audit table
Audit information
Downloading Audit Table

What type of user am I?

Your workspace administrator controls the assignment of roles in your workspace and can tell you which user role you have been assigned. If you think that your role is incorrect please contact your workspace administrator.


To contact support, send an email to the Aridhia service desk: