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Assessing the Aridhia DRE against the SATRE specification.

Standardised Architecture for Trusted Research Environments (SATRE) is a DARE UK driver project to support the development of a secure reference architecture for Trusted Research Environments (TRE), allowing research teams to benchmark their own TRE against an open specification.

SATRE covers more than the technical implementation of a TRE: it also covers the supporting services required to successfully maintain a secure, legally compliant TRE.

This paper scores the Aridhia DRE against the four sections of the SATRE specification, and summarises some of the features that we believe contribute toward that score. A full breakdown of the DRE’s score against the SATRE specification is available in the appendix.

You can find the full text for the publication below.

Stiven R, Shishodia L, Russell S, Campbell C

Aridhia Whitepaper
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