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Information security is at the heart of everything Aridhia does from the start of the software development lifecycle right through to customer support. All employees are provided with security training when joining and refresher training on an annual basis.

Aridhia operates a transparent and supportive security program that empowers it employees to report issues, suggest improvements and is continually reviewed.

The Aridhia DRE has been designed to provide a secure and trusted environment which meets the needs of research communities. It is built and maintained according to international standards and best practices for data safe havens.

View our Knowledge base for further detail on our approach to security.

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Our Certifications

Aridhia completed the ISO 27001 certification in June 2019, maintaining this certification through multiple audits and has now also achieved an ISO 27701 certification as of June 2022.

The Azure-hosted Aridhia DRE is HITRUST CSF certified and we also hold several UK certifications, some of which can be seen below.

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For public and customer requests relating to security or privacy, or if you wish to report a suspected issue or vulnerability, the details of our Service Desk and OSOs can be found below.

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Information Security & IT Manager

Charles Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

Robert Bryce