Trusted Data Sharing Network


A new offering from Aridhia aimed at individual research teams and projects

Research teams need a secure, Trusted Research Environment (TRE), furnished with analytical tools and resources. But what if the organisation they work for isn’t yet ready for an enterprise-wide digital transformation?

Our TRE provides the Workspaces component of the Aridhia DRE, packaged as a standalone SaaS offering. Start your analysis immediately and collaborate with study partners across geographic locations by exploring data and building models in real time, or work asynchronously with audit trails and notes.

Teams with control of project-level budgets and grants can get up and running straight away, instead of waiting for their organisation’s internal departments to catch up.

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Built-in Tools

Easy analysis and manipulation of data with intuitive tools and resources

Scalable Compute

A range of compute options available to handle intensive workloads

Access Anywhere

Collaborate in a cloud-hosted workspace, accessible whenever and wherever

Work Together

Designed for Project Teams & Studies to collaborate globally in a controlled environment

Locked In

Data security and governance is ensured with numerous globally recognised certifications, and user activity is fully audited for provenance

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