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Aridhia is changing the way in which clinical and research professionals work together; enabling them to collaborate, access and share secure data to deliver better patient outcomes.

Learn about how our Digital Research Environment facilitates the full data research lifecycle in this short video, or follow the link below for a more focused overview.

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Helping clinical and life sciences pioneers accelerate medical research.

Who are we?

Aridhia’s cloud-based Digital Research Environment enables safe, compliant collaboration and access to the incredible potential of machine learning.

We’re the number one choice for leading research organisations around the world; delivering rapid impact with both ready-to-go and customisable platforms.

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Aridhia DRE
Aridhia DRE
Trusted Data Sharing

Trusted Data Sharing

Data owners benefit from contributing data for wider scientific use, while remaining in control of how their data is used.

Collaborative Data Science

Collaborative Data Science

Multidisciplinary teams collaborate within a secure workspace, which is designed for open source analytics.