What is a DRE?

Digital Research Environment

noun [singular] ˈdɪdʒɪtl rɪˈsɜːtʃ ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt

A place where modern data science collaboration happens – safely, securely and effectively.

The Aridhia DRE is designed specifically for health data science. Whether you’re a healthcare professional with an interest in data science, or a data scientist with an interest in healthcare, the Aridhia DRE has been created with you in mind.

The Aridhia DRE comprises the Workspaces and FAIR Data Services



A secure, audited environment built to enable project collaboration, data sharing and analysis with powerful custom-built tooling.

FAIR Data Services

Make data Findable, Accessible, and improve Interoperability for Reusable research.

Download the Aridhia DRE Overview

The world-leading digital research environment for individuals, teams and institutions

Let our digital workspace technology take you beyond data-driven research and into clinical practice.

Change the way your team is collaborating around data to accelerate research and generate evidence.

Simplify the mess of siloed tools, teams and data with collaborative digital workspaces built for innovation.

Join our Aridhia growth story ➜

We are continuing to grow and develop the Aridhia technical team at an incredibly exciting stage in our business journey. Alongside our existing successful partnerships with high profile clients such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, NHS Scotland, universities and research institutes, Aridhia is increasingly making inroads into large pharma clients and large-scale collaboration projects… Read more ➜

Aridhia to Benefit from Government Innovations Boost ➜

Aridhia is proud to be part of one of ten innovative healthcare data solutions (selected as the Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects led by UK Research and Innovation’s Medical Research Council) recognised in a UK-wide competition… Read more ➜

Introducing the preview of Workspaces on Azure ➜

We’re excited to bring on our first customers to the preview release of our Workspace service on Azure. In the last few months we announced our partnership with Microsoft while working on the transition of AnalytiXagility as a whole to Azure and engaging with customers along the way… Read more ➜

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