Digital Research Environment

What is a DRE?

Digital Research Environment

noun [singular] ˈdɪdʒɪtl rɪˈsɜːtʃ ɪnˈvaɪrənmənt

A place where modern data science collaboration happens – safely, securely and effectively.

The Aridhia DRE is a trusted research environment designed specifically for health data science. Whether you’re a healthcare professional with an interest in data science, or a data scientist with an interest in healthcare, the Aridhia DRE has been created with you in mind.

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The world-leading digital research environment for individuals, teams and institutions

Use our FAIR data services to catalogue, curate and authorise access to your data.

Bring a multi-disciplinary team together in your own private workspace. Work together on the data.

Choose your analytics – from self-service biomedical stats to advanced machine learning pipelines.

What is a DRE?

The Aridhia DRE consists of two independent, but interoperable sets of services

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A secure, audited environment built to enable project collaboration, data sharing and analysis with powerful custom-built tooling.

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FAIR Data Services

Make data Findable, Accessible, and improve Interoperability for Reusable research.

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