How Analytics is Improving Care for Renal Cancer Patients

March 13, 2015 | Andy

Aridhia is pioneering the use of biomedical informatics and analytics to support the management of chronic diseases, including cancer.

In a collaboration with a cancer Centre of Excellence, Aridhia took an innovative ‘data lake’ approach to visualising the integrated care pathway, which is essential for an effective, functioning, multidisciplinary care team.

Key challenges:

  • Extracting and linking data from multiple treatment centres and across primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare organisations
  • Ensuring the rules applied to the data analysis were fit for purpose
  • Enabling users to view a patient’s pathway through multiple devices and locations
  • Making the final solution extensible and cost effective
  • Treating information governance as priority

Aridhia facilitated the delivery of data and informatics to the service responsible for clinical care across nine NHS hospital trusts and serving a population of 3.2 million.

Learn more about the challenges overcome by Aridhia’s cancer pathways solution. Click here to download the full case study.



Data scientist from a software & data engineering background, specialised in health informatics, research, visualisation and usability.

Andy joined the team at Aridhia in January 2012 with the remit to lead and grow the data science team, and through close collaboration with the clinical and development teams, define and deliver our platform to enable clients to move to a model of data-driven medicine.

He studied Applied Computing at the University of Dundee (undergraduate & postgraduate), and then in 1999 started a career as developer / researcher in the area of health informatics, usability and web accessibility research with the School of Computing. In 2007, he moved to the School of Medicine, where he was able to further develop his expertise and interest in health informatics through supporting national epidemiology / pharmaco-epidemiology research studies.

When he can find time to learn and hack code, then this is focused on data science technologies such as R, Hadoop & Pig within Pivotal's big data technology stack. In the past, Andy has predominantly worked with traditional software engineering frameworks such as Microsoft C# .NET & SQL Server, HTML, Javascript and CSS. His escape from work is through gaming, scuba diving, badminton, mountain biking and yoga.

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