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New Chief Science Officer Joins Aridhia

We’re delighted to announce that Dr Jeff Barrett has joined Aridhia as our Chief Science Officer. We’ve had the privilege of working with Jeff for the last couple of years at the Critical Path Institute where he was the Senior Vice-President responsible for the development and launch of the Rare Disease Analytics Platform, designed to encourage global data collaboration, accelerate understanding of rare disease progression and further accelerate treatment options.

Jeff has a prodigious history of both innovation and delivery across pediatric clinical pharmacology, model-based drug development and the use of translational data to advance the discovery and development of new medicines and vaccines.

I’m very pleased that Jeff has chosen to come and work with us at a critical point in our development as a global service provider to research hospitals, international consortia for disease collaboration and pharmaceutical organisations. From hospitals to regulators the use of data, data standards, the application of cloud technologies and use of advanced machine learning approaches to analysis is unprecedented, complex and challenging. Jeff will be invaluable in helping these essential developments happen effectively and transparently.

Jeff is known for his insight and his collegiate approach to developing lasting collaborations across healthcare, industry and academia, something that we share and value deeply at Aridhia. We’ve devoted over a decade of investment and expertise to building the Aridhia DRE to help clinicians, scientists and clinical researchers discover, access and work with data safely and securely.

Jeff will be working closely with our customers to help accelerate the secondary use of their data to make new discoveries and improve outcomes for patients, delighted he’s part of the Aridhia team.