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Aridhia launches RStudio and Jupyter Notebook as part of new Built-in App feature

Aridhia is pleased to announce that all users of our Aridhia DRE now have access to RStudio and Jupyter Notebook in their workspaces. They are available through the new Built-in Apps feature that gives the user convenient, out of the box tools that any workspace user can utilise to aid them in their research.

For this initial launch we are providing RStudio and Jupyter Notebook as the first Built-in Apps, two of the most well-known and used tools within the scientific research community. They also provide a broad spectrum of analysis tools that can be run on a large range of datatypes and supports two of the most common programming languages that researchers use: R and Python.

Built-in apps

The Built-in Apps are available on all workspaces, do not require any installation or set-up, and are connected to the workspace file system. This means that RStudio and Jupyter Notebook has access to all the files within the workspace, the data that is analysed remains secure, and all files continue to pass through an Airlock request for approval before being extracted out of the workspace. The Apps run on containerised Docker images of RStudio and Jupyter Notebook that our team has adapted to work within the workspace environment.built in app cards

“The availability of Python and R on Jupyter notebooks has made working on prototyping analytics far more efficient. RStudio gives us a fully functional IDE for R which is familiar to the vast majority of R users. Added to this it reduces the need for VMs for routine analytics work – so resources can be focused on data-intensive modelling, Machine Learning and AI.”

William Bryant PhD – Senior Data Scientist in the Digital Research Environment Team at Great Ormond Street Hospital

One of the many benefits of these new Apps is that they will reduce the need for Virtual Machines in a workspace and will therefore lower the compute cost for those workspaces. This will free up funding that can be spent on other parts of the research. Another benefit is that all instances of a Built-in App running in a workspace will run as an individual instance. This means that no user will be limited by what other users are doing within the workspace, even if they are starting, using, or stopping the same App.

Our goal is to minimise the time a researcher needs to spend on learning new tools and programming languages, and instead allow them to work with tools they are familiar with in order to maximise the time they can spend on active research and analysis. The easy access that researchers have to these tools will improve their productivity and will help keep the reproducibility and consistency of the research high.

This is the latest feature that Aridhia is releasing to help aid that goal, with more exciting features in the pipeline later this year that will allow our users to make the most of every minute, spend less time learning new tools, and more time working on results.