Trusted Data Sharing Network

Trusted Data Sharing

With The Aridhia Digital Research Environment

In this day and age, it’s becoming more and more possible for Data Scientists and Researchers to share and collaborate with each other’s data in a controlled and secure way, using our Digital Research Environment to build a network of data from a wider research pool and thus gain a greater understanding of numerous terminal illnesses than ever before.

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What is Trusted Data Sharing?

Trusted Data Sharing is the process of making data accessible in a controlled and secure way, enabling the collaboration of Data Scientists and Researchers as a larger network.


The ability to trust data is fundamental throughout the research process and when shared in a collaborative environment.


A series of strict rules and procedures ensure that all data is protected and secure before, during and after being shared.


Sharing data is a very important process, but it can only be done in a controlled and secure environment to ensure reliability.


Safely collaborating with Data Scientists and Researchers in your field widens the resource pool and achieves far greater results.

Our Customers

Who are we working with?

We take an immense sense of pride in the companies with whom we collaborate. We strive to empower them as they carry out vital research on a global scale.

The International COVID-19 Data Alliance (ICODA) provides a co-ordinated international platform to enable researchers to access global data to derive rapid insights about COVID-19 and speed up the development of treatments.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (ADDI) aims to move Alzheimer’s disease innovation further and faster by connecting researchers with the data they need to generate insights to inform development of new, better treatments and diagnostic tools