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Aridhia FAIR Data Services

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Aridhia FAIR Data Services gives researchers and innovators the ability to discover and understand data through dataset search, classification, and efficient metadata browsing capabilities described via dataset catalogues, dictionaries, and associated attached assets.

What is FAIR?

Our service is built upon the FAIR Data Principles of making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable:


Making data discoverable, identifiable and searchable via the assignment of metadata and unique identifiers.


Available and retrievable data with access via authentication and authorisation procedures.


Parseable and semantically understandable data allowing the broadest possible data exchange.


Accurately described data with associated provenance and well documented, easily shared usage rights.

Aridhia FAIR Data Services

FAIR Data Services is designed for research and to help reduce the barriers to entry of discovering and browsing data – tasks that researchers can spend up to 80% of their time performing to facilitate their research. FAIR Data Services also provides a secure and compliant environment that is designed with security and privacy in mind, prevents unauthorised access or use of data and adheres to information governance standards.

Researchers and innovators have the option to integrate with Workspaces to run analysis and curate new data in a secure and audited environment, which can then be re-published to enhance data findability. The integration of FAIR Data Services and Workspaces makes up the Aridhia Digital Research Environment (DRE).

Key Features

Data Discovery

Search for datasets relevant to your research project using text-based simple or complex search queries.

Metadata Browsing

Understand existing datasets by viewing metadata including catalogue and field-level descriptions. Download machine-readable dataset metadata.

Metadata Management

Upload your dataset metadata and associated attachments (e.g. PDFs, json, etc) to be discovered by others.

Role-based Access Control

Self-service signup with role-based user permissions. This includes read only and edit/update roles.

Built on Standards

Uses the Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) for dataset instance-level descriptions.

Integration with Aridhia Workspaces

Single Sign On (SSO) between FAIR and Workspaces services. Consistent Aridhia DRE user interface.

Privacy by Design

Secure data access and management via MFA, RBAC, encryption and secure key management. ISO 27001 accredited.

Cloud-native Service

Developed and hosted on the cloud. Integrates with and improves on cloud technologies.

Want to know more about FAIR Data Services?

Reach out to our team to find out more about:

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