Powerful features to get your research moving

AnalytiXagility’s secure, feature-rich research workspaces give you the freedom to innovate.


I want to Collaborate…

Transform your data and expertise into intelligence, together

  • Secure, web-based, anytime, anywhere collaborative analysis across boundaries
  • Comprehensive user profiles which enhance team collaboration and interaction
  • Embedded communication features including sharing, tagging, comments and insights, making it easy to discuss, share, and track project progress
  • Customisable homepages that create community and strengthen project identity
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…In an Audited and Secure Information Governance Environment

Ensure compliance with built-in access, audit and security features

  • Certified ISO 27001 environment
  • Two-factor authentication to protect privileged data against unwarranted access
  • Role-based permissions model with multiple levels of access-controlled user roles
  • Self-service user management for approved administrators
  • Extensive activity reporting, tracking all access to files and data including workspace exports
  • Clinical trial folder structures to support efficient trial management, audit and inspection
  • Downloadable audit log for self-service offline analysis
  • Automatic virus scanning on all imported or uploaded data and files
  • Managed data export using audited, approvals-based download request facility
  • Encryption at rest and optional in-flight
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…That facilitates Data Ingest and Transformation

Streamline the research lifecycle from data upload to analysis

  • Simple point and click data import tool
  • SFTP for secure bulk import of sensitive data
  • File upload approval and optional authorisation referencing to confirm consent
  • Custom file transfer mechanisms (e.g. from genomics labs) where required
  • Automatic table mapping for CSV files and optional table definition file upload
  • Comprehensive meta information and external reference recording at the point of data upload
  • Integrated eCRF to aid compliance with Good Clinical Practice data collection guidelines
  • Data de-identification service to enable the safe sharing and analysis of clinical data
  • Ontology service to improve interoperability and data sharing
  • Datasets library service to maintain a single source of truth for clinical dataset definitions
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…Offers the broadest Analytics Workbench

Accelerate experimentation for everyone from novices to experts with a highly flexible and extensible toolkit

  • Point and click data exploration and visualisations (bar chart, histogram, heatmap, box plot, time series)
  • Database joins (inner, left, right outer)
  • Interactive R console with scripting and package management
  • Prototyping ‘mini-apps’ using R Shiny to support visualisation and commercialisation
  • SQL programming with analytical extensions (OLAP, windowing)
  • Built-in statistical and parallel machine learning library for in-database analytics (MADlib)
  • Easy access to Windows or Linux virtual desktops from the web interface
  • Customisable virtual desktops with pre-installed templates or install your own software options
  • Straightforward, automated LaTex publishing with built-in journal templates
  • Integrated PDF viewer
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…Supports my Reproducibility challenges

Effortlessly capture project data and code to address the challenges of peer review and validation

  • Version control to ensure the appropriate level of change control and asset management
  • File locking to safeguard files and help manage their lifecycle
  • Snapshot capability to create points-in-time in research activities
  • Archiving for reproducibility purposes, or as a funding requirement
  • Traceable insights and communication features
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…And gives access to world-class Compute and Data Fabric technologies

Fast-track data innovation with the latest infrastructure supported by a rigorous, SLA-backed service

  • Scalable storage and compute from projects from small to large
  • Analytics at scale with Pivotal’s massively parallel processing Greenplum database.