AnalytiXagility by Aridhia

Secure, on-demand collaborative analytic workspaces to accelerate data-driven projects

Built for the exacting governance, reproducibility and compute demands of the healthcare, precision medicine and biomedical research communities.

Improve the productivity of your multidisciplinary team. Bring your people, data, algorithms and tools together within a secure workspace, making the sharing, linking, analysing and visualisation of data easier.

Optimise your collective knowledge. Generate new insights, rapidly prototype analytic based apps and deploy into operational practice at speed.

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Analytic Workspaces

AnalytiXagility’s architectural core, incorporating some of the world’s most advanced open technologies. Connect data and expertise within your secure, scalable, cloud-based workspace.

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Need support? Rapidly analyse and understand your data, or build innovative prototype apps with the help of our data science and information governance expertise.

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Access, or become part of, an expert global ecosystem of service providers and partners that can scale solutions and drive innovations into practice at speed.

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Find out more about what we do by downloading the AnalytiXagility service catalogue.

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  • Simplify healthcare data challenges with clinical informatics

    A “data lake” approach to tracking patients and data flow across a cancer pathway

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    “The benefits that accrue from the system that Aridhia is developing are enormous… I think that the system will be foolproof.”

    Mr John Hines, Pathway Director,
    London Cancer

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  • Translate complex genomic data into clinically actionable insights

    Enabling stratified medicine to offer personalised healthcare to patients

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    “AnalytiXagility is the means by which our project bioinformaticians access, in a controlled and managed way, patient phenotype data and genotype datasets; it supports the correlation of genetic sequence with prediction of response to therapy.”

    Dr Mark Beggs, Chief Executive, Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre

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  • Collaborate, accelerate, and translate research into optimised clinical outcomes

    Using AnalytiXagility to deliver WELC healthcare data challenge

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    “Collaboration is key in any modern research project, so having a single platform where everything is available is ideal.”

    Kevin Ross, Data Analyst,
    University of Glasgow, Robertson Centre for Biostatistics

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  • Facilitate front-line practical experience in data modelling and analysis

    Using AnalytiXagility to deliver university data science curriculum

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    “It’s all about collaboration, innovation and creating new ideas… it works intuitively with teams and workspaces.”

    Hisham Arafat, Lead Data Analyst and Data Science Lecturer,

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