The self-service cloud-based data analysis platform built for biomedical research, precision medicine and healthcare communities

Accelerate clinical and research informatics between and across organisations and geographies

Load your data into collaborative, secure, auditable workspaces

Invite multidisciplinary teams to link, share and analyse data using the analytics workbench, de-identification, dataset and ontology services and APIs

Improve analysis for individual research projects or across your organisational ecosystem


AnalytiXagility Project Edition

Leverage powerful analytic workspaces specifically provisioned and tailored to your requirements.

AnalytiXagility Ecosystem Edition

Extend and integrate AnalytiXagility workspaces across and into your organisation’s entire environment.

Workspace +

Tailor your workspaces with add-on data services, training and support to accelerate your analytical projects.


Power data-driven change by rapidly transforming concepts into operational capabilities at scale.

Use Cases

Collaborative Research

Accelerate research in a secure online analytic environment, with built-in audit functionality to support reproduciblity, auto-publishing to research journal formats and commercialisation options. Learn more.

Precision Medicine

Industrialise the ability to link and analyse patient phenotype, genotype and other datasets in a workspace tailored to speed the collaborative development of targeted therapies. Learn more.


Tailor a workspace with pre-built disease and population health algorithms, or take advantage of N3 connectivity and de-identification, ontology and dataset definition services to transform healthcare delivery. Learn more.

Life Sciences & Pharma

Extract insights and increase data sharing in an agile, pre-competitive environment, delivered to SLAs, to improve the efficiency of collaborative R&D. Learn more.

IMI & Horizon 2020

Fast track Europe’s next gen healthcare. Deployed by funded collaborative projects to enable cross-country data sharing and accelerate innovation diffusion. Learn more.


Understand the art of the possible and educate your teams with bespoke data challenge days, hackathon services and pre-loaded education content. Learn more.

  • Collaborate, accelerate, and translate research into optimised clinical outcomes

    NHS trusts harness power of AnalytiXagility for translational research

    “The collaborative analytics platform should be a huge benefit for research…”

    Nick McNally, Chief Operating Officer, NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre

  • Translate complex genomic data into clinically actionable insights

    Enabling precision medicine to deliver effective, personalised patient care

    “AnalytiXagility is the means by which our project bioinformaticians access, in a controlled and managed way, patient phenotype data and genotype datasets; it supports the correlation of genetic sequence with prediction of response to therapy.”

    Dr Mark Beggs, Chief Executive, Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre

  • Add value and support effective commissioning through healthcare analytics

    A data lake approach to tracking patients and data flow across a cancer pathway

    “The benefits that accrue from the system that Aridhia is developing are enormous… I think that the system will be foolproof.”

    Mr John Hines, Pathway Director,
    London Cancer

  • Facilitate easy, anywhere access to practical frontline data science training

    Supporting delivery of a university data science curriculum

    “It’s all about collaboration, innovation and creating new ideas… it works intuitively with teams and workspaces.”

    Hisham Arafat, Lead Data Analyst and Data Science Lecturer,