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Accelerate the translation of precision medicine and biomedical research into clinical practice


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Deliver your results “as a service” to the wider community and demonstrate improved health outcomes

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Simplify integrated healthcare data challenges with clinical informatics

London Cancer takes a ‘data lake’ approach to tracking patients and data flow across its renal cancer pathway

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“The benefits that accrue from the system that Aridhia is developing are enormous… I think that the system will be foolproof.”

Mr John Hines, Pathway Director,
London Cancer

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Translate complex genomic data into clinically actionable insights

Enabling stratified medicine to offer personalised healthcare to patients

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“AnalytiXagility is the means by which our project bioinformaticians access, in a controlled and managed way, patient phenotype data and genotype datasets; it supports the correlation of genetic sequence with prediction of response to therapy.”

Dr Mark Beggs, Chief Executive, Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre

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Collaborate, accelerate, and translate research into optimised clinical outcomes

Using AnalytiXagility to deliver WELC healthcare data challenge

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“Collaboration is key in any modern research project, so having a single platform where everything is available is ideal.”

Kevin Ross, Data Analyst,
University of Glasgow, Robertson Centre for Biostatistics

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Facilitate front-line practical experience in data modelling and analysis

Using AnalytiXagility to deliver university data science curriculum

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“It’s all about collaboration, innovation and creating new ideas… it works intuitively with teams and workspaces.”

Hisham Arafat, Lead Data Analyst and Data Science Lecturer,

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