The collaborative data science platform for healthcare, research, and education.

Accelerate and commercialise informatics solutions for multiple use cases utilising Aridhia’s analytics platform, data science services, API services, and app development capability.

Who is using AnalytiXagility?

Even the most data savvy clinician needs to collaborate to complete in-depth analysis of data to assist their clinical decisions. The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with their informatics team is paramount and all clinicians will want to know that the data is being gathered and analysed in a safe and compliant way.

AnalytiXagility delivers a safe haven environment, with in-built information governance, supported by analytical tools and data science services to rapidly create informatics solutions. The platform’s collaborative workspaces allow clinicians to engage at the level of data skills they are comfortable with. From communicating and adding commentary on work produced by the informatics team, to utilising the point-and-click statistics and visualisations' capability, to writing advanced machine learning algorithms, AnalytiXagility has been designed to accommodate all levels of user interaction.

Aridhia recently delivered a data challenge day for the WELC Care Collaborative, NHS Pioneer Programme in London where several clinicians joined teams of analysts to investigate integrated care data across North London.

Our Data Science team is currently working with a collaborative team of clinicians and researchers in Scotland to analyse high frequency wave form data from traumatic brain injury patients. Both cases are great examples of clinicians getting close to the data they need, at the level of complexity they are comfortable with, while being safe in the knowledge that their patients' data is secure.

As a researcher you will be familiar with the challenges of data collaboration across different teams and organisations. Data profiling, analysis, linkage and validation are all common tasks that increase in complexity with multiple researchers. These processes have to be executed whilst ensuring the final research results can be published for peer review. In addition, the impact felt when a researcher leaves a project without having tracked their work needs to be considered. Broader collaborations will only increase in number and continue to attract the larger funding awards.

Imagine being able to add meta data to a file to aid search, or work remotely from any location on the same data as your colleagues, in the knowledge that you are all using the same tools. Or picture the ability to have controlled release of your data to other researchers, and a platform that offers you the option to commercialise and operationalise informatics solutions into clinical or operational practice.

AnalytiXagility’s architectural design and audit functionality ensures that data and code are tracked, versioned and reusable once a project is ready for peer review. AnalytiXagility provides a reporting tool enabling you to run reports to present an auditable trail and adhere to the strictest of information governance requirements.

No more wasted time setting up environments and infrastructure giving you, the researcher, more time to focus on your research. Horizon 2020 projects are a great example of remote teams working collaboratively across Europe to deliver value-based outcomes and better patient outcomes from collaborative research. Read more about Aridhia’s involvement in Horizon 2020 projects.

As a data scientist you will no doubt want to work on statistically challenging work, utilising some of the latest open source technologies. Aridhia’s data science platform – AnalytiXagility – is currently being deployed in some of the most advanced data enabled projects that research and healthcare have to offer.

Built by data scientists with the data scientist in mind, AnalytiXagility optimises the analytical lifecycle through advance collaboration features and pre-loaded open source tools and technologies such as R, MadLib, SQL, Hadoop and parallel databases.

The platform is extensible so new features are added regularly and this includes the addition of new R scripts written by Aridhia’s own data science team. For example, publishing to research journals is now available through the integrated use of LaTex publishing. AnalytiXagility’s web-based workspaces allow you to work from any location, coupled with an intuitive user interface.

As a data science or informatics student, you want access to the latest tools and technology and spend your time focussing on solving data science challenges, not building infrastructure. In addition, you probably like to have the option to work remotely and out-of-hours to optimise your study time.

AnalytiXagility’s web-based platform and secure workspaces provide the ideal environment for students to work collaboratively, with access to the latest R and SQL interfaces in one environment.

AnalytiXagility enables distance learning, while providing students and their tutors with full visibility and social interaction tools to support the most demanding course content.

AnalytiXagility also comes with a community website for like-minded student and industry users, which provides a wealth of resources and tutorials.

The AnalytiXagility platform underpins some of the leading genomic and research facilities in the world.

What data does AnalytiXagility support?

  • Clinical EPR
  • Lab
  • Imaging
  • Sequence
  • Longitudinal
  • Social
  • Sensor
  • Service KPI
  • Time Series
  • Open Data
  • Primary Care
  • Secondary Care
  • Community Care
  • Signal
  • Meta
  • Research

What Tasks Can Analytixagility Perform?

  • Analysis & Model Building
  • Cohort Selection
  • Data Anonymisation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Collection
  • Data Consolidating
  • Data Extraction
  • Data Integration
  • Data Linking
  • Data Mining
  • Disease Registry
  • Data Set Definition
  • Data Set Extending
  • Data Set Release & Access
  • Data Sharing
  • Genomic Annotation
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Management Reporting
  • Targeted App Development
  • Visualising