One Data Platform.
Two Ways to Engage.
Infinite Possibilities for Innovation.

Current data capability
is unable to cope

The silo-based information systems built over the last 30 years are unable to scale to support today’s research and healthcare use cases.

  • Ensuring reproducible research
  • Linking genotype and phenotype data
  • Industrialising clinically relevant genomic input
  • Releasing data in a controlled manner
  • Collaborating across teams, institutions and countries
  • Delivering predictive analytics from multiple data sources

A new approach
is required

What if a service was available that could:

  • bring together multiple data types for analytical processing
  • provide an advanced data analytics environment, adhering to the strictest information governance
  • enable a multidisciplinary team to access all the tools and technologies they need
  • allow geographically distributed teams to work and communicate collaboratively on the data
  • build analytic outcomes in a cost-effective manner
  • be rapidly deployed into practice and, if required, monetised to create wealth
  • do this in a pay-per-use service model

Introducing AnalytiXagility: the data analysis platform that’s collaborative, secure, scalable and driving innovation

Commit to Rapid, Efficient and Collaborative Innovation Driven By Data

Built for biomedical research, precision medicine and healthcare communities, AnalytiXagility makes it easy to assemble your people, tools and data assets in secure, open source analytic workspaces to accelerate data-driven projects like never before.

Choose The Innovation Environment That Suits Your specific requirements

Our trusted analytics platform helps you promote innovation at a project or organisational level: centralise and simplify your collaborative project analysis with a tailored AnalytiXagility Project Edition workspace, or select the Ecosystem Edition as the base for all projects within your organisation’s entire environment.

Innovation only occurs when groups of people from different disciplines and organisations work together, pooling their knowledge, experience and data.

AnalytiXagility workspaces accommodate both the analytic and collaboration needs of diverse groups and skill sets, helping your team work together to address complex problems – productively and safely – in a single private environment.

By bringing you the power of social sharing, tagging, work file alerts, audit tracking and notification tools in a common online space, AnalytiXagility improves the efficacy of, and communication between, distributed teams, all while ensuring information governance compliance.

Find out more about the collaboration and analytic tools in AnalytiXagility workspaces.

The earliest stages of data projects such as data security, data access and data transforming are some of the most challenging

Our Workspace+ data services tailor your workplace, helping you anonymise, organise, and share data assets to improve compliance, communication and collaboration across teams. From data De-identification, to Dataset Library and Ontology support, AnalytiXagility accelerates the research lifecycle from data discovery through to data distribution.

The fast path to developing insights lies in being able to safely share data, knowledge and test hypothesis in a single, secure environment.

AnalytiXagility workspaces bring together cutting-edge analysis, rapid visualisation and prototyping technologies into a common online space, enabling your entire team to collaboratively investigate data, simulate innovations, explore what the outcomes of research concepts might be, and discover what actually works – all before the time, expense and risk of real-world implementation.

Find out more about AnalytiXagility’s prototyping capability at Analytics Workbench.

AnalytiXagility delivers integrated access to all of the analytic technologies you need without the need to buy multiple applications or licences.

There’s no need for capital expenditure, or costly infrastructure investment. Just select the subscription size that works for your project with an AnalytiXagility Project Edition or extend our workspaces across and into your entire environment with the AnalytiXagility Ecosystem Edition, and off you go.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. It’s that simple. Visit how to buy to find out more.

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