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Aridhia helps facilitate EPAD data release

Aridhia, in their partnership with the  European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia Consortium (EPAD), are proud to facilitate the latest EPAD data release, the V1500.0. This contains the baseline data collection of the first 1500 participants of the EPAD Longitudinal Cohort Study (LCS).

Aridhia uses its Digital Research Environment to harmonise data from multiple contributors across Europe into an open longitudinal cohort dataset that enables adaptive, multi-arm proof of concept studies to be undertaken, in order to trial novel interventions for disease prevention. All these inputs (cognitive, biological sample data, derived imaging data, etc.) are ingested through Aridhia’s health data model to generate EPAD’s formal data releases.

These releases are made available only to EPAD partners for an embargo period of six months before being freely available to the entire research community. Anybody requesting access to this receives all the data in one of our 
Aridhia Workspaces
, so that they can immediately start their analysis and collaborate with other teams. A benefit of the research being carried out within Aridhia’s environment is that the audit and reporting of access meets the information governance protocols established for the EPAD program. 

The previous V500.0 data release recently went into open access in November. External researchers who are interested can now apply for this by visiting the EPAD LCS Research Access webpage, where they will also find a multitude of other related resources and information packs.