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The Genomics Revolution

The recent Guardian article on genomics calls for “support from the NHS and better data collection” if the UK is not to lose out in the coming genomics revolution.

There is increasing demand to develop personalised treatment regimes for patients, such as those with cancer, so that treatment offered is based on the knowledge that it will be effective. However, we are only at the very start of this journey – a journey which requires collaboration between industry, healthcare and academia if it is to succeed.

Working with partners across the NHS and academia, we are already using clinical big data to enable this personalised approach for chronic diseases by developing systems which will deliver the sophisticated management and analysis of vast amounts of clinical, patient, imaging and genomic data, and subsequently provide a comprehensive picture of the genetic and clinical factors which affect a patient’s outcomes.

Essentially, we want to transform the capacity of healthcare systems to deliver improved patient outcomes thorough the intelligent integration and analysis of data. It’s a big challenge, but it is achievable and will help improve the lives of thousands, potentially millions, of chronic disease patients.