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Aridhia is changing the way in which clinical and research professionals work together; enabling them to collaborate, access and share secure data to deliver better patient outcomes.

Watch this short video (best witnessed in full-screen with sound on!) for an introduction to the pieces that make up our Digital Research Environment, then follow the links below to find out more.

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The leading platform for trusted data sharing and collaboration networks.

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Aridhia helps clinical and life sciences pioneers in Research Hospitals, Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies & Global Medical Networks who want to advance their medical research and improve outcomes more quickly.

We do this by providing a safe, secure Digital Research Environment (DRE) for projects of any size or scale; local or global. This is built to enable greater collaboration, knowledge sharing and access to the potential of machine learning.

A Next-Generation Research Environment

Unlike systems built in-house, Aridhia’s platform is ready to go and delivers rapid impact. It’s customisable and flexes based on how much or how little you need it to do.

Take a look through what makes our DRE here and then head over to Our Platform page for a deeper dive!

Rich metadata catalog with advanced searching and support for FAIR data principles

Configurable and orchestrated data governance that automatically connects metadata searches with data requests and controlled delivery

Private, airlocked, and data-agnostic collaboration workspaces with scalable infrastructure in an audited, regulatory-grade environment

Built-in analytics tools to easily explore data and build and share a cohort without writing code

Access to your favorite software packages or bring your own tooling and use private, localised git repos to support your modeling tools development and sharing

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…with security and privacy locked in!

We understand the special considerations in healthcare research across global jurisdictions and help you maintain patient privacy and data provenance with continued investment in security and quality certifications.

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