Information Governance datasheet

AnalytiXagility is a Software as a Service platform, designed to offer biomedical research, precision medicine and healthcare organisations and communities a way of accessing the powerful analytic capabilities required to make sense of disparate sources of privileged data. It facilitates auditable, secure and reproducible research, allowing data sharing with role-based access for collaborators and research groups.

AnalytiXagility is designed to support the analysis of multiple data types. While it was primarily built to support the sophisticated analysis of clinical, patient and genomic data, it has many applications in the biomedical research, precision medicine and healthcare worlds. The platform is currently being used to analyse data related to diseases including cancer, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s dementia, for service delivery purposes (e.g. to assess risk of readmission), and to gain new insights into using clinical phenotypic and genomic data in patient care.

AnalytiXagility has been designed with information governance best practice at its very heart. This document explains our approach in detail.


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