Technical Tutorials

Enabling Reproducible Research in a Collaborative and Secure Environment ➜

Reproducibility in science is becoming increasingly important. The rise of meta-analysis and systematic reviews (such as the Cochrane Reviews) and a number of recent studies ... Read more ➜

Beauty in Simplicity – Visualising Large-scale Genomic Data ➜

If you’ve spent any time looking into the visualisation of large-scale genomic data then you’ve probably encountered Circos, a visualisation tool developed for displaying and ... Read more ➜

Investigating Prescribing Data and Costs Using New Mini-apps and ggvis ➜

Following on from last week’s post where I introduced our new mini-apps capability, today I’m going to demonstrate how to create more advanced and interactive ... Read more ➜

Using XML within AnalytiXagility ➜

This post provides an introduction to the XML library contained within R. It takes us through the process of parsing XML documents, transforming data into ... Read more ➜

Calculating Age Standardised Incidence Rates ➜

Why Do We Need to Calculate Age Standardised Incidence Rates? When comparing incidence rates between different countries the distribution of the population needs to be taken ... Read more ➜

The Performance Gains of Using MADlib for In-Database Analytics ➜

If you are analysing a big data set you will likely hit the limits of in-memory analytics. Carrying out the same analysis in-database, can be ... Read more ➜

Visualising air pollution data over time ➜

The health effects of air pollution have been reported in research studies over the past 30 years. These effects include respiratory diseases such as asthma, ... Read more ➜

Mapping Hospital Admission Data to Scottish Datazone ➜

Datazones in Scotland are geographical areas used for producing small area statistics that allow comparison of economic, environmental, health and demographic data between zones. As ... Read more ➜

Using Run Charts to Visualise Variant CPs Due to Changing Targets of A&E Waiting Time Data ➜

In analytics, run charts are used to identify and display trends in data over time. We will show how we can visualise variant CPs due ... Read more ➜

Visualising Features of A&E Waiting Time Data Using Run Charts ➜

In analytics, run charts are used to identify and display trends in data over time. In this post we show how to use the AnalytiXagility ... Read more ➜

Introduction to dplyr ➜

dplyr is a new package for R written by Hadley Wickham and Romain Francois and is the successor to Hadley Wickham’s earlier package plyr. It ... Read more ➜

Working with Date-times and Time Zones in R ➜

The purpose of this blog is to work with dates in R which have times and time zones. All variables of class Date which are ... Read more ➜

Formatting Date-times R ➜

The purpose of this blog is to introduce users to formatting date-times in R. All variables of class Date which are imported into the AnalytiXAgility ... Read more ➜

Working with Dates in R ➜

This blog provides details on working with dates in R. The examples used in this blog are based on arbitrarily chosen dates. Read more ➜

How to Write a Function ➜

One of the most powerful features of R is the ability for you to write your own functions. Writing functions in R allows us to ... Read more ➜

The Fundamentals of ggplot2 Explained ➜

ggplot2 is a data exploration and visualisation package written in R. Developed by Hadley Wickham, the principals of ggplot2 were defined in the Grammar of ... Read more ➜

Basic Charts in R ➜

This post demonstrates basic charts in R; specifically simple, stacked and grouped bar charts, line charts and scatter plots. Using the built-in R dataset mtcars, ... Read more ➜

Viewing and Subsetting Data Frames ➜

Data frames provide an intuitive and flexible way to store data within R. This post will make a start on detailing the extensive functionality of ... Read more ➜

Data Types in R ➜

This blog details the different data types in R and the different data structures in which these data types are stored. An open data set ... Read more ➜

Available Open Datasets in the AnalytiXagility Platform ➜

Within the AnalytiXagility platform you have immediate access to a number of publicly available and open datasets, allowing you to start performing data analysis almost ... Read more ➜

AnalytiXagility – Cheat sheet ➜

Our data science team have outlined some tips and tricks for using the AnalytiXagility platform, enjoy! Read more ➜

Getting Started with the R Console in the AnalytiXagility Platform ➜

This blog introduces you to basic AnalytiXagility platform commands, covering the use of the R console within the platform. Read more ➜

Day 1 in the AnalytiXagility Platform ➜

This post provides a walkthrough from first entering the AnalytiXagility platform to viewing and getting a feel for the data using the built-in tools provided by ... Read more ➜