Building Versus Buying a TRE ➜

For organizations that take the decision to invest in a research environment, they also need to consider whether they want to build it themselves or ... Read more ➜

Helping Intensive Care Teams at Great Ormond Street Hospital to Navigate Data ➜
Dr. Lydia

The cardiac department at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) hold weekly meetings to discuss the activity in the department and any surgical complications which may ... Read more ➜

Is This a Data Problem or a Technology Challenge? And How Will I Know the Difference? ➜

Please indulge me in a brief moment of self-pity about a member of my graduate committee who told me that my thesis, which employed geospatial ... Read more ➜

Versioning with Git – Collaborate using the Built-in Apps ➜

Earlier this year, Aridhia introduced RStudio and Jupyter Notebook to the DRE, as Built-in Apps within Workspaces, to give users access to some of the ... Read more ➜

Collaborative Development and Versioning Within Aridhia DRE Workspaces ➜

An Aridhia DRE Workspace is a Trusted Research Environment – providing a safe-haven for clinical researchers, bioinformaticians and pharmacologists to analyse and develop models on ... Read more ➜

Aridhia & ICODA Workbench – Grand Challenges, Driver Projects and Beyond ➜

The COVID-19 pandemic brought both health and inequalities into sharp focus. From the early stages of the pandemic, it was clear that some demographics were ... Read more ➜

Measuring the Impact of Data Sharing Platforms ➜

It has bothered me for years now: How do we truly measure the impact of data sharing platforms? I have seen many organisations, without pausing ... Read more ➜

Aridhia Achieves New ISO 27701 Privacy and Security Certification ➜

Aridhia is delighted to announce that at the beginning of September we received our International Organization for Standardization ISO 27701 (Security techniques — Extension to ... Read more ➜

The Data Access Paradox – How Do I Get What I Need When I Can’t See If It’s There? ➜

When embarking on a research project, you will always encounter problems. One of the most tiring ones, is what has come to be known as ... Read more ➜