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A Bold Vision of the Future: Aridhia Attends J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference & CERSI Summit ➜

Chief Data Officer, Amanda Borens, has been travelling recently, attending the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and the CERSI Summit in San Francisco and taking the ... Read more ➜

Now Available: FAIR 2.0 ➜

Version 1.0 of FAIR Data Services was released in 2020, a major new component of the Aridhia Digital Research Environment designed to put the FAIR ... Read more ➜

Trusted Data Sharing and Collaboration for Health and Biomedical Research – Pick Your Acronym ➜

This article has a bit of a UK-centric theme to it as far as the various acronyms are concerned, but the content has applicability for ... Read more ➜

Building a Pan-European Paediatric Data Collaboration Network ➜

The announcement today from the EU and HUS Helsinki University Hospital to develop, build and operate the first phase of a pan-European paediatric data network ... Read more ➜

Leveraging Aridhia TRE for Identifying Pupils at Risk of Being Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) ➜

Project Overview In the realm of education, identifying and supporting vulnerable pupils is a critical undertaking. One particular challenge is to predict which students are at ... Read more ➜

Aridhia Announce Release of New Trusted Research Environment ➜

Aridhia announced today the release of its trusted research environment SaaS offering: the Aridhia TRE. A new offering aimed at individual research teams and projects ... Read more ➜

RDCA-DAP and the Aridhia DRE – A platform to accelerate rare disease therapy development and regulatory engagement ➜

Last week marked the first annual Rare and Orphan Disease Conference in Washington, DC which was attended by Aridhia’s Kara Lasater (Head of Customer Success) ... Read more ➜

Aridhia and Replica Analytics partner on next-generation data sharing and analytics solution for healthcare research ➜

Today, Aridhia and Replica Analytics Ltd., an Aetion® company, announced a new partnership to bring to market a complete, secure, and privacy-protective data sharing solution ... Read more ➜

Workspaces UX Refresh ➜

It might have seemed quiet on the Workspaces front since we released our blog announcing support for large data tables back in May, however we ... Read more ➜

Return data to hospitals and researchers FOR patients ➜

As a data scientist formerly working in global health, I have firsthand knowledge of how challenging it is to recruit patients for clinical trials and ... Read more ➜