Science, communication and plasticine – My Impact in 60 Seconds experience! ➜

When we launched our first Impact in 60 Seconds competition in partnership with The University of Glasgow College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS) ... Read more ➜

Nissan Social Media Data Challenge ➜

Last week Aridhia went to Sunderland to support and enable the Nissan Social Media Data Challenge at Sunderland Software Centre, providing AnalytiXagility as the event’s ... Read more ➜

RNA-seq: creating simple outputs from complex genetic data ➜

As part of our recent stream of genomics work, we began to look at ways in which the complex data outputs associated with RNA-seq research ... Read more ➜

Aridhia Demos Collaborative Research at Big Data Expo 2015 ➜

We were really pleased to be part of the Big Data Expo in Utrecht last month – a new European conference celebrating big data – ... Read more ➜

Enabling Reproducible Research in a Collaborative and Secure Environment ➜

Reproducibility in science is becoming increasingly important. The rise of meta-analysis and systematic reviews such as the Cochrane Reviews and a number of recent studies ... Read more ➜

Risk Stratification: Reducing the Risk of Readmission within 30 Days ➜

It was announced under government plans in 2010 that hospitals will face financial penalties if patients are readmitted as an emergency within 30 days of ... Read more ➜

Analytics Essentials: Improving Your Data Quality ➜

Profiling your Data Why is data quality important? Before starting to do any analysis it is really important to ensure that your data is in good condition ... Read more ➜

Farr Conference 2015 ➜
Data Science

Alison Bell, Lead Data Scientist This was my fourth time at the Farr Conference (previously the SHIP conference). I look forward to it as it’s always packed ... Read more ➜