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Working with the OMOP CDM in the Aridhia DRE ➜

The utilisation of observational healthcare data has become increasingly important in evidence-based medicine and healthcare research. Researchers, clinicians, and policymakers leverage this data to study ... Read more ➜

Considering the Future of AI in Real World Data ➜

In today’s data ecosystem where technology moves at mindboggling speeds, there is always a seasonal buzzword or phrase that seems to come up with notable ... Read more ➜

Introducing Aridhia’s Trusted Research Environment (TRE) ➜

We’ve recently released our Aridhia TRE: a secure collaborative environment for small, distributed research teams. After a period of time as a preview service, it ... Read more ➜

DRE-Enabled Clinical Operations ➜

Clinical operations teams are responsible for designing, planning and physically running Phase I – IV clinical trials within the early stage drug development. Clinical ... Read more ➜

How are Aridhia Customers Syndicating with HDR UK? ➜

The FAIR Data Principles and FAIR Data Services FAIR Data Services was created to embed the FAIR data principles in our enterprise-scale Trusted Research Environment (TRE), ... Read more ➜

Facilitating Project Team Dynamics with a DRE ➜

Within pharmaceutical development, the project team is the engine that drives the progression of new drugs, devices or vaccines. While there may be additional decision-making ... Read more ➜

United Learning Case Study ➜

The below was written by Senna Ma (Project Manager) and Jack Buckingham (Technical Mentor), relating to their time at the Data Science for Social Good. Project ... Read more ➜

Ensuring Control of Data with Data Use Conditions in the Aridhia DRE ➜

Data use conditions are the rules and restrictions that apply to the use of health and clinical data for research or improvement purposes. They are ... Read more ➜

How Australia’s Liver Cancer Collaborative is Transforming Diagnosis and Precision Treatment with the Aridhia DRE ➜

Aridhia have recently partnered with the Liver Cancer Collaborative (LCC) in Australia to transform research and analysis of multi-modal liver cancer data and improve diagnosis ... Read more ➜

Enablement of hospital-based precision dosing with the DRE ➜

N.B. You can find the full, published text for this article at the bottom of this blog. Enablement of hospital-based precision dosing with the DRE Dose adjustment ... Read more ➜