Aridhia and Vancis join forces to bring combined cloud collaboration services to Netherlands medical research sector

July 30, 2015

Aridhia, the pioneering Scottish clinical and translational informatics company, has announced a partnership in the Netherlands which it says will unite two of Europe’s leading providers of services to healthcare organisations, and expand Aridhia’s service to the country.

Following the success of Aridhia’s Research as a Service and translational informatics platform in the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme, and other European healthcare projects, Aridhia’s collaboration with Vancis is seen as a strong endorsement of the strength of the Netherlands’ research sector.

Rodrigo Barnes, Aridhia’s Chief Technology Officer, called the partnership “a prime example of Aridhia’s commitment to collaboration.”

While it is widely acknowledged that good data and communication can accelerate research, the complexities involved in bringing high-quality data together, improving multidisciplinary communication and collaboration, and bridging the gap between research and clinical practice have often been a barrier to progress.

“It was not hard to notice that many of the most innovative projects that we were being invited into either originated in, or had a footing in, the Netherlands. Vancis was therefore a natural partner to align with to extend the reach of Aridhia’s services.”

The Research as a Service solution hosted by Vancis will employ Aridhia’s AnalytiXagility platform to provide advanced data science, collaboration and audit technologies for biomedical research, enabling researchers to easily collaborate on the analysis of vast amounts of data within secure, cloud-based environments. This will enable organisations such as the Netherlands’ University Medical Centres to encourage and empower collaboration and innovation in biomedical research.

The subscription-based service will provide researchers with a private collaborative analytical workspace and the ability to bring a range of data types and tools into the AnalytiXagility environment. Furthermore, the partnership will continue to enrich the platform with additional services including data modelling and analytics, and powerful Artificial Intelligence learning algorithms in collaboration with partners MGRID, Care IQ and Xomnia.

Sander Ruiter, Business Development Manager at Vancis points out: “We see our market for research production moving into a pay per use cloud service, so that customers are able to quickly, safely and easily start a scalable environment for their data and applications. Joining forces with Aridhia and the other consortium partners will enable us to deliver these services to researchers.”

Barnes said: “Our cloud-based solution ensures that the complicated and expensive enablers of biomedical research – i.e. the infrastructure, hardware, privacy requirements, analytical software licences and so on associated with biomedical research are taken care of by Aridhia and Vancis, leaving researchers free to focus on bringing their data and skills together.”

“Research as a Service aims to make collaboration and data analysis even easier, and further the Netherlands’ excellent track record in patient care, scientific research and education.

This is the first time that Edinburgh-based Aridhia has signed a direct partnership agreement with another European country, although the company already has a foothold in the Netherlands as a result of two existing major projects.

When looking to integrate and analyse traumatic brain injury data from bedside monitors supplied by Amsterdam-based industry partner Philips Healthcare, the Innovate UK funded, pan-European CHART-ADAPT project chose Aridhia’s AnalytiXagility platform.

AnalytiXagility is also the platform of choice for ADVOCATE, a €6 million Horizon 2020 funded oral health research project where it is being used to address the audit and reproducibility requirements of the 10 European partner organisations, including the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam and Achmea Health Insurance.

This latest alliance announcement comes only months after a partnership with Craneware was revealed in early 2015, which sees the two Scottish companies targeting the US market.

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