Announcing AnalytiXagility – an open standards, private cloud analytics platform for health and lifesciences

April 10, 2014

We are very pleased to announce the deployment of our new analytics platform, AnalytiXagility, as a secure, cloud hosted service designed to address the data management and analytics challenges facing the healthcare and lifesciences industries.

AnalytiXagility is the result of a three year, £5M development program by Aridhia with financial support from the UK Technology Strategy Board Stratified Medicine Program and with expert domain support from Cancer Research UK’s Experimental Cancer Centres in Edinburgh and Dundee and the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee.

AnalytiXagility has already been successfully deployed in an on-premise model addressing a variety of stratified medicine and healthcare analytics applications in cancer, diabetes and risk stratification.

Today’s announcement extends this functionality to a secure, cloud hosted model allowing individual healthcare, academic and industrial lifescience organisations to access functionality on a month by month basis, removing the need for large capital expenditures and instead focusing on time to value for their informatics and analytics programs.

AnalytiXagility is available via a number of academic and commercial hosting providers throughout the UK. You can also register your interest to get more information.

Making a Big Impact in Big Data

Tackling the challenges of big data in healthcare requires a shift in the computing architecture that can be used to handle the diversity of data types and creates challenges for the storage, analysis, sharing and security of data.

AnalytiXagility is built on industry leading big data technologies that enable scalability from the outset. Built on the massively parallel processing Pivotal Greenplum Database and utilising a range of built-in open standard and open source technologies, including SQL, MADlib, R and Hadoop, AnalytiXagility delivers choice in optimising your computing, storage and analytics approach.

Information-Driven, Secure Collaboration

Change occurs when multiple stakeholders – often from different organisations – come together to collaborate, pool their knowledge, experience and, crucially, share their data.

AnalytiXagility helps provide the tools necessary to facilitate collaboration easily, quickly and cost-effectively, reducing time to insight and ultimately time to value – whatever domain the project lies within.

The platform balances the tension between collaboration and governance according to the specific circumstances of the project, ensuring that relevant governance and legislation is followed from upload to analysis.

Minimum Investment, Maximum Adoption

Time and money should be focused on working with data and the insight that can be derived from it, not with building infrastructure or investing in hardware. AnalytiXagility gives infrastructure-free, rapid access to easy to use analytical technologies that are at the heart of the global data science community, which means that you can avoid vendor lock in, and have flexibility in the data models and analytical workflows that can be implemented.

In addition, our procurement model offers a flexible range of pay-monthly packages to suit all requirements.

Supported Skills Development

Analytical technologies and data formats are evolving at a phenomenal pace. Keeping informed about them and becoming skilled in their use is particularly challenging, and many organisations do not currently have the in-house data scientists, analysts and engineers required to harness their valuable information.

AnalytiXagility is designed to ensure that you don’t need to be an expert to develop a deeper understanding of your data at an accelerated pace. If you need help to take those initial steps towards discovering insights and developing advanced analytics skills, you can invite Aridhia’s data scientists into your project under your governance guidelines to provide expertise, support and training.

Find Out More

Take a look around the AnalytiXagility section of our website for more information on the platform, and how it can help transform your research or your organisation into a data-driven, collaborative, cost efficient and outcomes-oriented enterprise.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of the Aridhia team, or would like to see a demo of the platform, please contact us.

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