Aridhia launches its education offer

August 12, 2014

Data scientists from academia and healthcare meet this week to learn how they can harness the untapped power hidden in the data produced by their organisations.

Aridhia Informatics, Data Science, Data Analytics

Aridhia, will co-deliver a pioneering course developed by EMC Academic Alliance to experts from a number of leading universities and healthcare organisations.

In all, 10 universities and healthcare organisations are attending, with each given unique access to one of the world’s most advanced collaborative data science platforms – AnalytiXagility – the course will be delivered by Aridhia’s Alison Bell, Lead Data Analyst and EMC’s Data Science lecturer, Hisham Arafat.

As the world becomes increasingly driven by data, organisations need to access the knowledge and understanding the vast amounts of data produced every day can provide.

The technology to analyse data is moving faster than the skills and experience needed to make sense of the information produced.  This means organisations are having to re-train and upskill their workforce to cope with the demands of a very different world.

Alison Bell, Aridhia’s Lead Data Scientist explains:  “As never before, the spotlight is on data and there is a huge pressure on data scientists to be able to extrapolate the information hidden in the figures.

“Our aim is to get people excited about the potential of data to enable analysis, insight and, ultimately, to drive change.”

As data becomes increasingly valuable, it is vital that data scientists have access to a robust platform like AnalytiXagility in order to fully capitalise on that data. Aridhia’s collaborative data science platform can facilitate collaboration within the data science community.

The course is an open course and certification focused on the concepts and principles specific and common to both academia and healthcare. Aridhia will provide a hands-on practitioners approach to the techniques and tools needed for analysing complex data sets.

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