Risk Stratification and Hospital Readmission Rates ➜

Summary Hospital readmission rates are often used as a proxy measure of how effectively healthcare is being delivered within a population. Targeting interventions at individuals at ... Read more ➜

A Day in the Life of a Collaborative Data Science platform ➜

I’ve been working with diverse data sets for the last four months using Aridhia’s collaborative data science platform, AnalytiXagility. This week the platform took centre stage ... Read more ➜

Uses of Open Data ➜

Accident and Emergency (A&E) attendance The UK Government launched its Open Data initiative in 2010, in a bid to make data available to drive innovation and ... Read more ➜

Genomics and the NHS Clinic ➜

In 2012, the Human Genomics Strategy Group had already highlighted the need to develop a workforce skilled in genomics in the NHS, the changing R&D ... Read more ➜

Reflection on Audit Scotland’s report: Management of patients on NHS waiting lists audit update ➜

Hitting the headlines at the end of last week was a story regarding the ability of Scotland’s 15 health boards to deliver on government waiting ... Read more ➜

Academic Health Science Networks and Wealth Creation, a New Concept ➜

When it was announced earlier this year that NHS England was creating a network of 15 new Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) to act as ... Read more ➜