Using Data to Improve Diabetes Care ➜

Summary Large population data analysis provides useful clinical feedback to healthcare providers and national organisations, which aids the wider communication and understanding about changing healthcare demographics. ... Read more ➜

The Use of Run Charts in Health Informatics ➜

What is a run chart? Run charts are used in analytics to identify and display trends in data over time. Plotting a run chart can determine ... Read more ➜

Frailty Assessment Research – Potential Data Sources ➜
Dr Lotte

For my Frailty Assessment research, I am planning to incorporate the development of a tool that enables frailty assessment in different care settings with the ... Read more ➜

Lotte Dinesen – Clinical Research Fellow in E-health and Telemedicine ➜
Dr Lotte

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Lotte Dinesen, I’m a consultant in General Internal Medicine, and currently a Clinical ... Read more ➜

Application Development Roadmap (& Journey) ➜

As Head of Engineering  and app development lead at Aridhia Informatics, I’m always interested in learning from the community and promoting great content when I ... Read more ➜

WELC Data Challenge Day ➜

On 9th September 2014, something very exciting happened in healthcare. AnalytiXagility hosted one of the largest NHS data exploration events to date at the WELC ... Read more ➜

Risk Stratification and Hospital Readmission Rates ➜

Summary Hospital readmission rates are often used as a proxy measure of how effectively healthcare is being delivered within a population. Targeting interventions at individuals at ... Read more ➜

A Day in the Life of a Collaborative Data Science platform ➜

I’ve been working with diverse data sets for the last four months using Aridhia’s collaborative data science platform, AnalytiXagility. This week the platform took centre stage ... Read more ➜

Uses of Open Data ➜

Accident and Emergency (A&E) attendance The UK Government launched its Open Data initiative in 2010, in a bid to make data available to drive innovation and ... Read more ➜